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IT Services

One of India’s top providers of managed IT services is Yopiq. We are a reputable strategic IT outsourcing partner who can help you transform your IT operations in the most straightforward manner for the most possible benefit to your organisation. For the purpose of offering cutting-edge IT managed services, we uncover the mechanics of technology and business. Our team examines all of your existing systems to gain an understanding of how operations, procedures, and personnel flow. As our managed IT services provider assesses the difficulties and risks associated with the current procedures, we work with you to look into opportunities that will increase your productivity.

By providing an extended staff that works exclusively for you, Yopiq, one of the top managed IT service providers in India, helps you save the cost of hiring and maintaining resources. Your unique business requirements will be addressed via customised technological solutions, product support and maintenance, and more. The scalability and agility of your organisation are made possible by our managed IT services. We provide you with technological know-how to help you take advantage of the online world by coordinating diverse IT activities with various business processes.

Being a software development firm, we are aware that in the modern environment, IT services and support encompass more than just keeping servers and software functional in the event of a technical malfunction. We have to make progress. To do this, we employ cutting-edge technologies in a contemporary manner, enabling our clients to set themselves apart from all of their rivals.

We provide ongoing IT services and support while strategizing, developing and designing, deploying, and testing. We have excellent command over the newest technology and a zeal to upgrade regularly. We focus on problem-solving techniques and scalability throughout the process to ensure that the product is outstanding in terms of usability and quality.

Cybersecurity Tools
  • Pressure testing
  • IT infrastructure and its components have undergone security testing ( compliance testing, security audit, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment)
  • Making security recommendations using a SecOps strategy
Managing component of the IT infrastructure IT management services
  • Premises-based data centres
  • Networks
  • Cybersecurity tools
  • Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)
  • App infrastructures
  • Desktops
  • Web portals and websites
  • Development infrastructure
  • Databases, data leaks, and data warehouses

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