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We are a group of talented developers working on challenging big data projects. Delivering world-class Big Data Services is something Agile Infoways has done for many years.

Big Data Consulting

We are incredibly skilled at offering efficient Big Data Consulting services thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the field. Our developers are skilled and knowledgeable in offering Big Data Consulting Services to various clients on leading technology and efficient tactics. We are totally capable of defining various Big Data Strategies and techniques that help customers advance their current technological infrastructure. According to each client’s needs, we provide the greatest analytical solutions, and we fully assist them in developing the best Big Data Solutions. We are skilled at managing a variety of Hadoop-based platforms, including cloud storage systems, MPP databases, and other platforms that are beneficial for improving your business outcomes.

Our expertise in Big Data Consulting Services includes
  • Determining Big Data tactics and procedures
  • Finding and defining the business use case
  • Data assessment for clients’ project, step by step
  • Big Data Solution Architecture Recommendation
  • Generating novel ideas based on existing approaches
  • Determining different technologies based on client business requirements

Infrastructure Set-Up & Support

A suitable infrastructure is a must when putting Big Data technology into practise. To manage effectively, big data infrastructure setup and support are needed. We have a team of highly qualified developers on hand who are experts in managing the installation and integration of big data infrastructure. You will have a higher chance of avoiding the burden of creating and managing the sophisticated Apache Hadoop Code by setting up your big data infrastructure properly. Our big data development team is skilled and focused on offering complete assistance to infrastructure management.

We have full experience in Big Data Infrastructure set-up and support
  • Combining and setting up Hadoop clusters
  • Efficient infrastructure installation and setup
  • Observing Hadoop clusters with the necessary knowledge
  • Experienced developers to manage infrastructure set-up

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